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1:1 Coaching Packages
from Bill Cates

Turbo-Charge Your Client Acquisition

3 Highly-Customizable Programs
to Significantly Increase Your Revenue without Increasing Your Marketing Budget.

"Helping the Best Get Better!"

Laser-Focused Program ($499)
Super-Star Program ($1,299)
Referral Champions ($7,500)

Laser-Focused Program | $499

Includes up to two (2) hours of customized 1:1 coaching with Bill Cates

Our Laser-Focused Program includes a blend of 1:1 coaching with Bill and customized learning tools to help you gain clarity and confidence - and produce results - in your chosen area(s). Pick a client-acquisition challenge (or two) and let’s tackle them together.


  • After you've identified the challenges you would like to address, Bill will send you hand-selected training materials (videos, e-guides, scripts, and/or checklists) designed to help you fine-tune those areas.
  • Once you've had some time to digest the content, you’ll hop on the phone with Bill for up to 2 hours spread over 2-3 calls.
  • You’ll uncover the best course of action, the right words to use, and proven methods to employ. The goal is measurable results.

COMMON CHALLENGE AREAS (Choose 1-2 to work on with Bill):

  • How to get more unsolicited referrals
  • How to ask for referrals and introductions (without pushing or begging)
  • How to get prospects to return your calls and e-mails
  • How to confidently communicate your value in a way that turns ideal prospects into clients
  • How to get introductions from key centers of influence
  • How to maximize social event marketing

ONLY $499!  (A $920 value. A small investment to bring clarity, confidence, and results.)

Schedule Your Complimentary Coaching Assessment with Bill
to Determine the Best Program for You


"As a result of Bill’s coaching, I have brought in $12.7 M of new assets. That’s $170,000 of recurring annual revenue due to using Bill’s techniques."

Erin Gay
Founder & CEO - Legacy Financial (Annapolis, MD)

Super-Star Program | $1,299

Includes up to three (3) hours of 1:1 coaching with Bill + 1-Year Membership in The Cates Academy™.

Are you ready to attract the ideal clients into your business? Would you like to commit to building a thriving referral-based business, but have limited time and/or budget available? The Super-Star program might be for you. Our mid-level coaching program is designed to be an affordable, yet comprehensive solution that combines the power of video learning with customized, 1:1 coaching.



  • To maximize the effectiveness of your coaching time with Bill, you will be given a 1-year membership in The Cates Academy™, our comprehensive video training system.
  • As you work through the Academy's short, easy-to-digest, video and audio lessons, you will learn the principals and strategies that The Cates System is built upon.
  • To further reinforce and customize your training, we will schedule up to three (3) hours of personalized 1:1 coaching with Bill (spread over 3-4 calls) to help you get your questions answered, brainstorm ideas, strategize scenarios, and make sure you are taking effective action.


  • Course 1 – Communicate Your Compelling Value to Win More Clients
  • Course 2 – Get Referrals without Asking by Enhancing Client Engagement
  • Course 3 – Requesting Referrals without Pushing or Begging
  • Course 4 – Secure Solid Introductions and Appointments that Stick
  • Course 5 – Create Powerful Referral Partners and other Alliances

INVESTMENT: $1,299  (Separately Valued at $2,107 – Save $808)

Schedule Your Complimentary Coaching Assessment with Bill 
to Determine the Best Program for You


"Bill’s coaching allowed me to capture a 6-figure deal. And that was from just one phone call."

Lynn Rose
Business Consultant (Los Angeles, CA)

Referral Champions Program™ | $7,500

6 months of unlimited access to Bill Cates + 1-Year Membership in The Cates Academy™
(You can expect approx. 10-12 formal coaching calls, other calls as needed, and review of material you submit in between calls.)

Are you ready to go "all-in" and invest in building a referral-based business that allows you to spend less time chasing after prospects… freeing you up to spend more time with family, friends, and doing the work you that you love? If so, our Referral Champions Program™ is the right choice for you.

Our most comprehensive and customized coaching program, Referral Champions™ is designed to turbo-charge your client acquisition process over a 6-month training period, where you will receive constant, ongoing 1:1 coaching and personal support from Bill Cates.


  • Training Tools – You will be enrolled in The Cates Academy for Relationship Marketing™ for an entire year, allowing you to learn and benefit from the most comprehensive program of it’s kind. (See "Super-Star" program above for additional details)
  • Scheduled Calls – Over the course of this 6-month program, you will speak with Bill approximately every 2 weeks – depending on schedules and what you’ll be working on in between calls. Calls are blocked out for 55 minutes. Some run the full length and some end early.
  • Access – In addition to your scheduled calls, you will have unlimited access to Bill Cates via email and specially arranged phone calls – for quick questions and to brainstorm upcoming situations. 



Compelling Value and Branding
Use our amazingly simple Value Proposition Formula™ to discover and communicate your value. Develop key points to emphasize in your marketing materials, website, etc.

Become super referable by using our Client Engagement Process for referrals without asking.

Get comfortably consistent promoting and asking for referrals without pushing or begging.

High-Level Clients
Become crystal clear on how to attract the right clients for your business. Get “referred down!”

Social Media
Use LinkedIn and content marketing to create activity that results in qualified prospects.

Target Markets
Focus on the right target niche to maximize your results through Reputation Marketing Methods™.


Turn your client’s willingness to refer into a solid introduction that leads to an appointment.

Set appointments with high-level prospects that stick and then convert prospects who fit your profile into new clients.

Centers of Influence
Referrals from CPAs, Attorneys, and other Centers of Influence can be a significant source of clients. How are you doing with this strategy?

Event Marketing
Client appreciation events and bring-a-guest events can be a great source of high-level clients. Are you maximizing your event marketing

Staff Involvement
Do you have staff? Are they making a contribution to your referral culture? Helping you create client engagement? Being proactive in a meaningful way?


How many new clients will it take for you to recoup your investment? One? Two? Maybe three at most – depending on your business model. This is a no-brainer!

Schedule Your Complimentary Coaching Assessment with Bill 
to Determine the Best Program for You


"Before I met Bill Cates, I was making a ton of cold calls. Bill showed me how to go from cold calling to referrals and I tripled my production the very next month. I would not be where I am today without learning Bill’s processes."

James Mwombela
Insurance Advisor (Washington, DC)

Which program is best for you?

Schedule Your Complimentary Coaching Assessment with Bill 
to Determine the Best Program for You


"I wanted to create a ‘referral culture’ throughout our firm where everyone felt comfortable asking for and generating referrals. In our first three months of working with Bill Cates, we have generated more referrals in those 3 months than we had in the past 3 years!"

Charlie Epstein
Epstein Financial Group (Springfield, MA)

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