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Beyond Referrals: How to Use the Perpetual Revenue System to Convert Referrals into High-Value Clients

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While referrals are important, they're not the endgame.  Beyond Referrals helps you turn referrals into introductions, appointments, and sales--showing you how to turn referrals into introductions to the prospects who are eager to hear from you. Then, you'll learn proven ways to convert a high percentage of prospects into high-value clients. 

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About the Author

Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE is the founder and CEO of Referral Coach International, a Hall of Fame Speaker, business coach, and best-selling author of 4 books - Don't Keep Me a Secret, Get More Referrals Now, Beyond Referrals, and Radical Relevance. Bill is also the host of the highly acclaimed Top Advisor Podcast. 

Over the last 25 years, Bill has helped thousands of individuals and companies cultivate exponential growth in their businesses through referrals, introductions from advocates, and more compelling marketing messaging.

Interested in speaking with Bill? Send him an email to [email protected] or connect on LinkedIn.

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